Sunday, June 24, 2012

Excited for my tiny muse, Elise!

After much thought---and a lot of email correspondence from Kass---I decided to finally order my first ball-jointed doll last week! I prefer to have a slightly smaller doll because the standard size have always been too huge and most of the face sculpts are a bit too mature for the character I want, hehehh ;;; So I looked for a smaller or MSD sized one! ^ u ^ ) Many thanks to Kass, I came across the Dreaming Doll Shop of Korea. Then everything was magic---I fell in love instantly at the sight of their Airi and Lia! * w * ) Lucky for me, they were both Little Elva's! Meaning, they're 1/4 or 42cm-sized dolly! PERFECT ♥

It was actually very tough to choose between the two pretty dollies. I liked Airi because of her very serene and dreamy expression, but then I also liked Lia for that sunshine-happy kind of vibe to her smile. It was really really really hard to choose! But after some time of thinking and consulting friends here and there, I finally decided to get Airi~ ♥ She's a perfect muse for the mori style that I am so much into. - w - ) 

Elise Lenore, my mori girl muse in Watercolors.
Little Elva Airi. Photo from DDoll Shop.

I've settled my order last week and I am expecting her to arrive by mid to late July. This means she'll be having the same birth month with my mom, my youngest brother, my boyfriend and my Siamese cat! Hahaha!! ^ - ^ )/
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Windy Independence Day

It was a national holiday today since we're celebrating our Independence Day---yay! I was awoken late this morning by the sound of strong gusts of wind. I really thought it was going to rain and there would be a storm coming, but it didn't and there wasn't. For the rest of the day, it had been very humid as usual in our place. I made sure that I won't waste my free time today so I drew another girl for my own ACEO collection.

I don't always find a definite muse for my girl drawings. Today, I was just inspired by the laid back weather during the afternoon so I gave this girl some long waves that seem to flow. º u º )

I was amazed at how my mix of red, which I used for the girl's flower wreath and her lips, seemed so much like legit blood it's scary o _ o;;) It was very nice on paper though, nowhere near bloody, haha!

Here's a picture of her after I've finished coloring. I was choosing between brown and black for her hair. Since I used to draw so much brown-haired girls already, I decided on using black. Then when I applied the lightest shade of bluish-gray on her hair, I opted to go on with coloring it light blue instead making her hair more wind-like and surreal!

The Wind Fairy, ACEO in Watercolors
I'm calling her the wind fairy. I hope I succeeded in making her look serene and fairy-like. ^ v ^ )
Sunday, June 10, 2012

Testing Out Deovir's 10/0 Sable Hair Paintbrush

My happy purchase last Thursday were two precious sable hair paintbrushes in #5/0 and #10/0 from the Deovir branch at SM North EDSA. Honestly, I didn't even know that those sizes existed! I was actually already contented with my smallest sized brush which was a Rembrandt sable in #1. What really caught my attention was their unusually pretty pastel colors. Take a look! * w * ) ♥

Deovir Sable Paintbrushes in #5/0 and #10/0. Made in Japan.
I decided to practice using the pretty egg yellow-colored #10/0 this afternoon. I took out one of my ACEO-sized cut (2.5" x 3.5") watercolor papers and gave it a try. I wanted the girl to sport the very famous and fashionable ombre-styled hair, but I think I should have colored those near the hair roots much darker to achieve that effect. Nonetheless, I like how her hair color turned out so much like honey-caramel. Mmmm! ^ v ^ )

My new brush is really very fun to use. I can apply a lot more details to my outlining without inhibitions. In this drawings, I used the #10/0 brush particularly in drawing the detailed lines of her face---just see her eyelashes! I returned into using my #1 for the rest of the outlines to give a bolder effect.

Honey Caramel Girl, ACEO in Watercolors
Now here's a scan of my finished drawing for the day! I used Prang watercolors and a Campap watercolor paper in 300GSM for this one. Aah~ I'm looking forward to drawing more girls for an ACEO collection of my own! This sounds like a project. o w o )/