Saturday, November 24, 2012

Leigh in pink, polka and a new face up!

Leigh is wearing a dress from Happy Dolly and an usamimi made by yours truly.
I think I'm gonna let this face up stay for a while. Her eyebrows turned out as I planned---it's my most favorite part of what I did!---and her overall look is now more natural than the first one. ^ v ^ )
Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Face Up for Windrette!

As you guys might know, I have a relatively new tiny BJD with me. She arrived together with Leigh. Aaaand. It was just this afternoon that I was able to give her a face up LOL;; For the longest time I hadn't done so because I was too frustrated with the wigs I bought for her---they were always too huge for her tiny head! So I ordered a wig cap (and a couple more clothes) for her on a group order headed by my friend Arvie from Manika Manila. Now here she is!

Windrette is wearing a layered top from Nine9Style; comfy jeans and high-cut sneakers from Dollmore.
Auburn wig from Monique Collection and beige usamimi from Chocochipmunk by Kass.
I have to admit it was really hard trying to decently color her teeny tiny mouth. It was too complicated for my beginner skills in doing face ups LOL;; You can see how awful I did with it in the following pictures:

I was trying to do something like her basic face up from nDoll---aiming for face up B. And failing mierably. LOL;;

Photo from nDoll's site: [msDoll 10inch] Elf Pan - Basic.
I wish to give this intricately adorable sculpt better justice on my next attempt. n w n );;
Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plan for Another Doll?

Introducing Idril, my future SD girl! ♥
Yup, you heard it right! She's gonna be a very pretty Supiadoll Muse and I will be ordering her by mid-December after getting my Christmas bonus LOL; I. Am. So. Excited!! n w n )/

A little background. She’s gonna be a half elf. Hence the need for a human name, Anaclesse or Clee for short. She’s a daughter of an elven girl who ran away from their world after falling in love with a human yadda yadda. Idril’s human characteristics became so dominant that she almost never had any ability to cast spells and perform magic. Frustration with her supposedly innate superhuman powers has led her into joining her father’s criminal syndicate. Fueled with determination to prove herself capable of being superior, she is aiming to be the caporegime or captain of their faction despite being young and being a woman.

Aah. So hard looking for a suit fit for 1/3 SD girls though! > A < );;