Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plan for Another Doll?

Introducing Idril, my future SD girl! ♥
Yup, you heard it right! She's gonna be a very pretty Supiadoll Muse and I will be ordering her by mid-December after getting my Christmas bonus LOL; I. Am. So. Excited!! n w n )/

A little background. She’s gonna be a half elf. Hence the need for a human name, Anaclesse or Clee for short. She’s a daughter of an elven girl who ran away from their world after falling in love with a human yadda yadda. Idril’s human characteristics became so dominant that she almost never had any ability to cast spells and perform magic. Frustration with her supposedly innate superhuman powers has led her into joining her father’s criminal syndicate. Fueled with determination to prove herself capable of being superior, she is aiming to be the caporegime or captain of their faction despite being young and being a woman.

Aah. So hard looking for a suit fit for 1/3 SD girls though! > A < );;


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