Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Fallen Angel?

I have been on a serious art slump recently because I was so frustrated with making a face up for Leigh, my Mini Supia Yan. For quite some time, I was so depressed that I even kept her inside her box and never played with her just to take a breather. > m < );; It actually made me kind of sad I felt that way with my doll---b-but I can't help but be too hard on myself whenever I try giving her a face up. And I don't want that too.

I don't know if I was lucky that it had been raining for the past week, at least I wouldn't be trying and failing again right?;;; It was still kind of sad though, because I can't do anything creative at all. I was still on a slump.

It was different today though. It was my sister's birthday so we had some yummy early breakfast of tuna pasta, potato salad and chocolate cake before going to the 10:30 AM mass. I dunno if it was from the positive vibes that the awesome breakfast brought LOL but I felt so inspired to attempt another try at giving Leigh a face up. This time I wasn't forcing myself to come up with something good. I did it as though I was making a watercolor work. It wasn't as fast though hahaha, but with every mistake I made, I just... let it be. ^ v ^ )

Adrienne Leigh, my Mini Supia Yan. She's wearing a dress from Little Venice, wig from Leekeworld and wings from A Little Wing.
What I did wasn't spectacular and anyone can pinpoint the mistakes I made and how unbalanced some strokes and blushing are but well, this is more presentable than the first one I did! I kind of like it for Leigh too! So I'm sticking with it until I gather up enough courage and hopefully some skills to try another attempt.


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