Sunday, September 16, 2012

Double Box Opening

I haven't been talking about it here on my blog, but some weeks after Elise arrived, I decided to get her close friend, Leigh, a Mini Supia Yan from Supiadoll. While waiting, I was also able to find the perfect sculpt for my long time OC and MMORPG persona, Windrette. She's a Soolee Doll Elf Pan. ^ w ^ ) ♥

Last Thursday, I had the most surreal experience of having a double box opening---something I never thought I would be doing at all---because the two dolls I ordered (well I don't know at first if I should say conveniently, but yeah hahaha!) conveniently arrived on the same week, making it possible for me to claim them both at the EMS Customs office on the same day. I was able to meet up with two of my friends, Ricci and Arvie from Manika Manila, when I claimed my new babies! * 3 * )/ ♥~

Anyway, for the box opening pictures.. Well, actually my friends and I opened them already to check the quality and have a peek of them when we had lunch buuuuuut for picspam purposes, let me present to you my double box opening! *throws confetti*

A beautiful bronze box from Supiadoll and a very familiar black box from Soolee Doll.

The first picture shows the dreaded ransom they collected for my resin babies. the Customs taxed me  P2,180 (around 52USD) for both of them. Honestly, I don't really know how they managed to come up with the amount regardless of the computation they had in the receipt. It doesn't seem to make sense, but I was just glad it was actually less than the worst-case-scenario kind of tax that I expected because I was claiming two dolls. = A = );;

The second picture shows us a revelation. Hee hee. Now I know why the black box and the pillows inside were so familiar!! It came from the manufacturer of Dreaming Doll! That was where my Elise was made! * Q * ) How awesome it that!? I didn't see that coming. Like Dreaming Doll, there was also a free chocolate! Huwaaa~!!

I asked a little note of congratulations so that the cistoms would not suspect it as a purchase.
Ddoll was very kind enough to include one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI!! > w < )/ !!
Why was it surprising? Let me tell you the story of how I got my Elf Pan. NDoll, the distributor of Sooleedoll's (formerly and more popularly known as MSDoll) Elf Pan, has been having very bad feedback from customers since last year I think. Right now they do not have dolls on sale at their site because of this. When I heard about MSDoll being revamped into Soolee Doll and having their sculpts directly distributed from Korea to Europe, I  tried contacting the owner directly if they can ship to the Philippines. I was actually hoping they don't so I will have no choice but to wait, maybe for a second-hand one to be on sale LOL;; but lo and behold, Soolee was very accommodating and accepted my order. She even allowed me to settle the payment in one month layaway as I proposed. ^ v ^ )/ Hee.

Now on to the pictures of my new babies! ♥

Barefaced for now, my new girls Adrienne Leigh and Windrette Quarles.
If you notice, I am very much into dolls showing their teeth. ^ w ^ )/

I'll be doing their faceups on my own. It will take a lot of getting used to---I tried and failed miserably, but it will be a learning process hahaha. This is gonna be a whole new level of trying to paint! > w < ) Aaaah. I need to practice! 

I will post my first attempt in doing a faceup shortly.


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