Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shopping for Elise

I haven't posted pictures of my earlier purchases for my Elise but I was particularly excited for these two packages that I've been waiting for so long!

Parcels from Thailand and Hong Kong! ^ v ^ )//
These are purchases I made from Happy Dolly Shop and Release Rain. Waiting for them was such toil and pain because the post office in our place is pretty notorious for being very slow with their services despite having a location near our international airport;; Nonetheless, I was so grateful to the post office clerks for letting me know that I also have another package there---you see, I went there only to claim one package since there was just one notice letter mailed.;;;

I was so excited to receive the dresses from Supattanee of Happy Dolly because she had been so sweet and nice on our correspondences at Etsy. I actually made an impulse buy of these clothes because they were very beautiful and they would fit my Elise's style so well! Not to mention, they are very affordable for such high quality dresses! ♥

How sweet is that? Happy Dolly even included a free gift for me!
She mentioned that she'll be including a free gift for me but for modesty, I didn't ask her what it was. This was also one of the reasons why I was sooooo very excited for this package to arrive! * v * ) !!

This. This is more than what I've hoped for! ; w ; ) I had actually been ogling at her pretty miniature clay work at the shop's facebook page. This girl is super talented! Here is a pretty photo she took of these red velvet cupcakes. Looks so yummy, each one seems legit! I wouldn't mind making more future purchases from this shop! ^ v ^ )/ ♥

Now moving on to another happy purchase I made for Elise: SHOES! * w * )/ !! Honestly, the white doll shoes I bought at Dollmore doesn't seem to fit her well---they were too wide for Elise's tiny slender feet! So when I saw that the measure of some non-asian!bjd shoes over at Release Rain theoretically fits my dolly, I took the risk and ordered them.

Boots and Sandals from Release Rain
I was glad I did buy them because they fit my Elise perfectly---as if these were really made for her! I hope the company gets more designs for this certain measure because I don't mind buying more of these really affordable shoes for my baby.. ; v ; )

Ah. My shopaholic tendencies had manifested in my newly-found hobby so fast.;;
Saturday, July 14, 2012

Elise is finally home! * Q * )/ ♥

The shipping notice from Dreaming Doll Shop was sent to me earlier than I expected. I was counting around 25-30 working days before it gets done since I included the face-up option, so I did expect a longer wait. But exactly on the 15th business day after I settled the payment, the company sent me a mail with the tracking number of my package. Their process was really fast! * u * )

What made my doll's arrival late was the system of the EMS Office here in our country. = n = );; According to the EMS tracking system, the package has already arrived last July 6. It was then handed to the customs on July 9. I waited three days for the pick-up notice to be sent to me but it never did so, heeding my dolly friend's advice, I just went on ahead and claimed it on the EMS Office.

It was a grueling 4-hour wait before they located my package. I don't really want to dwell more on this horrible horrible experience, ugh. What matters is that I finally got my hands on my very precious package! ^ v ^ );;

Package arrived the Philippines July 9, 2012 and claimed July 13, 2012.
I've read tons and tons of dreadful stories---even outside the BJD hobby---when it comes to customs tax and how unreasonable they had been computing it ever since. I was so much in denial that I will be paying more than a couple of thousand bucks for this inevitable step so I just brought around 1,000 pesos with me, haha.. Seems like my horrible 4-hour wait has paid off when they didn't charge me any other fees than the standard 40-peso customs fee! n w n )/ ~

Friday the 13th was still a lucky day! ^ w ^ )
Now on to the pictures of the box opening! YAAAAAAY~! * v * )/

Super sophisticated packaging from DDoll Shop!
They granted my request for a blonde wig~ ♥
Adoption document, heeled feet and a free chocolate! o u o )
I am forever at awe at Estabebe's face-up for the Little Elva Airi. * A * )
Elise wearing her beautiful blonde wig.
It was such a challenge placing her eyes! I think that goes for every other doll too, hahaha. It took me so many tries before I became contented with a look that didn't look too awkward for me---Well, I hope her eyes doesn't appear too cross-eyed though. Moving the eyes even a little farther away from each creates an even more awkward (and very derpy) expression. LOL ;;;

Now to see how my baby looks like when fully dressed..

I asked my sister Kat to braid her hair since I suck in doing braids LOL;;
Elise wearing an enemble from FoxyBrowny. ♥!
So yeah, there goes my first box opening! I'm actually still feeling giddy all over I can't even feel sleepy, haha! Aah. I adore my Elise so much. I want to shop more clothes for her! ;;;