Saturday, July 14, 2012

Elise is finally home! * Q * )/ ♥

The shipping notice from Dreaming Doll Shop was sent to me earlier than I expected. I was counting around 25-30 working days before it gets done since I included the face-up option, so I did expect a longer wait. But exactly on the 15th business day after I settled the payment, the company sent me a mail with the tracking number of my package. Their process was really fast! * u * )

What made my doll's arrival late was the system of the EMS Office here in our country. = n = );; According to the EMS tracking system, the package has already arrived last July 6. It was then handed to the customs on July 9. I waited three days for the pick-up notice to be sent to me but it never did so, heeding my dolly friend's advice, I just went on ahead and claimed it on the EMS Office.

It was a grueling 4-hour wait before they located my package. I don't really want to dwell more on this horrible horrible experience, ugh. What matters is that I finally got my hands on my very precious package! ^ v ^ );;

Package arrived the Philippines July 9, 2012 and claimed July 13, 2012.
I've read tons and tons of dreadful stories---even outside the BJD hobby---when it comes to customs tax and how unreasonable they had been computing it ever since. I was so much in denial that I will be paying more than a couple of thousand bucks for this inevitable step so I just brought around 1,000 pesos with me, haha.. Seems like my horrible 4-hour wait has paid off when they didn't charge me any other fees than the standard 40-peso customs fee! n w n )/ ~

Friday the 13th was still a lucky day! ^ w ^ )
Now on to the pictures of the box opening! YAAAAAAY~! * v * )/

Super sophisticated packaging from DDoll Shop!
They granted my request for a blonde wig~ ♥
Adoption document, heeled feet and a free chocolate! o u o )
I am forever at awe at Estabebe's face-up for the Little Elva Airi. * A * )
Elise wearing her beautiful blonde wig.
It was such a challenge placing her eyes! I think that goes for every other doll too, hahaha. It took me so many tries before I became contented with a look that didn't look too awkward for me---Well, I hope her eyes doesn't appear too cross-eyed though. Moving the eyes even a little farther away from each creates an even more awkward (and very derpy) expression. LOL ;;;

Now to see how my baby looks like when fully dressed..

I asked my sister Kat to braid her hair since I suck in doing braids LOL;;
Elise wearing an enemble from FoxyBrowny. ♥!
So yeah, there goes my first box opening! I'm actually still feeling giddy all over I can't even feel sleepy, haha! Aah. I adore my Elise so much. I want to shop more clothes for her! ;;;


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