Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Face Up for Windrette!

As you guys might know, I have a relatively new tiny BJD with me. She arrived together with Leigh. Aaaand. It was just this afternoon that I was able to give her a face up LOL;; For the longest time I hadn't done so because I was too frustrated with the wigs I bought for her---they were always too huge for her tiny head! So I ordered a wig cap (and a couple more clothes) for her on a group order headed by my friend Arvie from Manika Manila. Now here she is!

Windrette is wearing a layered top from Nine9Style; comfy jeans and high-cut sneakers from Dollmore.
Auburn wig from Monique Collection and beige usamimi from Chocochipmunk by Kass.
I have to admit it was really hard trying to decently color her teeny tiny mouth. It was too complicated for my beginner skills in doing face ups LOL;; You can see how awful I did with it in the following pictures:

I was trying to do something like her basic face up from nDoll---aiming for face up B. And failing mierably. LOL;;

Photo from nDoll's site: [msDoll 10inch] Elf Pan - Basic.
I wish to give this intricately adorable sculpt better justice on my next attempt. n w n );;


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