Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Windy Independence Day

It was a national holiday today since we're celebrating our Independence Day---yay! I was awoken late this morning by the sound of strong gusts of wind. I really thought it was going to rain and there would be a storm coming, but it didn't and there wasn't. For the rest of the day, it had been very humid as usual in our place. I made sure that I won't waste my free time today so I drew another girl for my own ACEO collection.

I don't always find a definite muse for my girl drawings. Today, I was just inspired by the laid back weather during the afternoon so I gave this girl some long waves that seem to flow. º u º )

I was amazed at how my mix of red, which I used for the girl's flower wreath and her lips, seemed so much like legit blood it's scary o _ o;;) It was very nice on paper though, nowhere near bloody, haha!

Here's a picture of her after I've finished coloring. I was choosing between brown and black for her hair. Since I used to draw so much brown-haired girls already, I decided on using black. Then when I applied the lightest shade of bluish-gray on her hair, I opted to go on with coloring it light blue instead making her hair more wind-like and surreal!

The Wind Fairy, ACEO in Watercolors
I'm calling her the wind fairy. I hope I succeeded in making her look serene and fairy-like. ^ v ^ )


Kass Yboa said...

Aww she's so cute! She actually looks like my doll, Blair, only with blue hair (I made a rhyme lol). <3

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